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About Us

Index Drums is Paul King and friends.  In third grade, Paul's grandmother gave him a pair of Promark 5A sticks and a Remo 8" practice pad. Smash cut to 12 years later, he's building a cajon in his parents' garage with a handsaw and a set of chisels.  

For the next 6 years, he designed and built drums and furniture with anyone he could.  Once friends had drums, they joined the drum circle, and the fun continued. Eventually, people started asking where they could get their own drums, so he started a company.  

Everything we sell is handmade in our workshop in Louisiana. The drums are built in small batches, and special care is taken to ensure that no two are exactly alike. Through continuous innovation and listening to you guys, we developed new products and improvements on old favorites. We love hearing from you about what you're doing with our instruments, what you need our instruments to do, and how much you love us. Most of our updates and new product news are delivered through social media, so catch us on twitter, facebook, or instagram to stay in the loop.