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Beercan Shaker - Hoppy

Beercan Shaker - Hoppy

$ 12.00

The Index Percussion Accessory (IPA) is the original steel can shaker made from vintage Beer and Soda cans from a bygone era. The 12oz is the standard size, and is perfect to throw in a stick bag. They are much more durable than modern cans, with thicker walls and a stronger shape. 

The "hoppy" flavor is our favorite, and a more traditional shaker tone, with nice attack and volume. It's on the louder side of the 30 shakers we tested at the drum shop, with a rich metallic sound and lots of depth. 

The "smooth" flavor is much quieter, and more suited for small venues.

You can go Random and let us pick you out a winner, or choose from some options in the dropdown over there.

We recommend getting both, of course.

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