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Forest King 100 Drumheads

Forest King 100 Drumheads

$ 18.00

Ever since we created the Index Snare, we've been asked when we're going to build the Cajon Kit.  This is it.

These heads mount on your existing drum kit, and can be played with the sticks you already own.  Brushes and specialty cajon sticks open up the possibilities, and adding a wooden bass head really ties the whole kit together.  Mounting is simple, and takes under 3 minutes per drum.  It's completely reversible, and won't hurt your kit.  It's literally just changing out the heads.

We call them Forest King 100s because they're 100mil thick, where the traditional head is closer to 10mil.  This thickness makes your shells sing in a way you've never heard before, and if used on the reso heads, your toms and bass take on a rich roundness and responsiveness.  Like any drumhead, they can break, but this is really only a concern if you're using standard sticks, and even then they're pretty durable.  These aren't meant to rock out on, but the 125s are considerably more durable.

The 100s are available from 8" to 26", with ported options from 18" and up.  They're made from 3-ply Luan, which has a randomly occurring spalted mineral stripe on the face, making each head unique.

So far, we've been able to mount the heads on all snares and toms without any trouble.  They sit inside of metal triple-flange hoops and sit flush with the edge of wood hoops.  You will probably need to get longer tension rods for your bass drum, so keep this in mind. 


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