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Index HardHat

Index HardHat

$ 80.00

***WE'VE OPENED 10 SLOTS FOR A FAST-TRACK PREORDER. THIS IS A LIMITED RUN, EXPECTED TO SHIP SOMETIME IN MAY/JULY, BUT MUCH FASTER THAN THE NORMAL "IN STOCK" HARDHATS WOULD BE AVAILABLE (we usually build them like 40 at a time, takes forever, but we gotta get the people (you) want they want (HardHats) You can specify a color on the inside curve if you want, and you'll get to pick from available wood blanks, first come - first served***  ***Also you can get a Starter Pack on the preorder if you want, go check them out if you wanna add some shakes and a snare head to the mix***

Introducing the first-ever mountable percussion accessory to give you adjustable sounds like a closed Hi-Hat. The Index HardHat is made from 4 pieces of metal, stacked interchangeably to provide a sound as loose or as clicky as you want. We use a variety of beautiful woods for the block, all sealed in a durable clear finish, so find a grain that speaks to you go for it!

The HardHat will mount:

  1. On the end of a standard cymbal stand or boom stand (with or without cymbal)
  2. Stacked on another cymbal with a Gibraltar SC-MCSA4 or similar
  3. Using an LP373 woodblock mount and clamping it to a percussion rod
  4. Using an LP Jamblock screw-on bracket and clamping it to a percussion rod

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A video posted by Index Drums (@indexdrums) on

A video posted by Index Drums (@indexdrums) on

A video posted by Index Drums (@indexdrums) on

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