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The Rattle Can - Spraypaint Can Shaker

The Rattle Can - Spraypaint Can Shaker

$ 22.00

The Rattle Can is an undercover shaker. Steel shot inside these recycled cans make a shaker that you won't find anywhere else, and we're making them in 2 flavors.

"Crispy" has the timbre that you might be used to with percussion shakers. The shake cuts well, but it's still very easy to control.

"Washy" is about half the volume of "Crispy" and it has much smaller bits of filler. We've heard drummers complain that they can't find a shaker that they can control and not overpower the mix. This is the can for you.

If you don't recognize the paint brands in the picture, you aren't alone. Paints like Montana, the other Montana, Ironlak, Bombing Science, and Fresh Paint aren't your Home Depot brands. They are quality paints made specifically for artists, and these cans have been recycled from artist workshops, including our own.

Some cans are cleaner than others, that's part of the fun

HEY! Puncturing paint cans is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and a REALLY STUPID idea that we've gone to great lengths to contain and control. We would advise against it. This is a disclaimer, kinda.

 Sweet sweet demo vid action:

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